Cash Back Deals on Financial Products

What did you get last time you borrowed a mortgage, or got yourself or your car insured by an insurance company? Perhaps a discount on the interest rate in the case of mortgage, and a little reduction in the premium amount in the case of insurance.

That’s all you will always get when you don’t shop via a cash back portal.
However, if you decide to obtain the same financial products from a cash back portal, you not only will get the usual discounts from the lender or the insurance company but will also gain fabulous cashback from the portal via which you bought the products.

Now the question which arises is how the portals manage to give you huge amounts of cash backs on the purchases you make. Let us understand the process. All lenders and insurers spend a lot of money on commissions paid to agents. Commissions on financial products are huge because they are extremely lucrative for the financial institutions. A part of this commission is passed on to the agents.

Since the cash back portals work as the agent in case a consumer obtains a loan from one of the financial institutions listed on it, the commission is received by it. A part (sometimes the whole) of this commission is passed on to the consumer by the cash back portal either in the form of cash or in the form of discount vouchers which the consumer can use to obtain rebates on next purchases made from the same site. While in the case of normal loan borrowing, the agent does not give you back a single penny, the cash back portal returns a substantial part or whole of the referral commission to you. Isn’t that great?

What’s more, wonderful cash back offers can be availed not only on loans and insurance, but also on other financial products like pension, bank accounts (savings and current), credit cards, and shares. Maximum cash back (sometimes up to thirty per cent) can be obtained on some credit cards and share deals on some of the up-coming cash back sites. So, what are you waiting for? Just sign up as a member (and even signing up can bring you cash!) and earn cash back on your favourite financial deals!